6 Ways to Care for Damaged Hair

Whether it be overusing hot tools, experimenting with new hair colours, or using products with harsh ingredients, we’ve all compromised our hair at some point. Here are six things you can do to your hair routine to help revive damaged hair.

1. Minimize heat damage 

For some of us, completely ditching heat tools may not be an option, and so reducing the temperature of your styling tool may be your best bet. Use a microfiber hair towel when hair is wet to gently absorb the moisture.

It will also cut down your drying time (not to mention that it’s better for your scalp rather than a traditional towel). Try to air dry your hair to about 80-90%, then finish off drying with a hair dryer. Remember to always use a heat protectant when using a hot tool.

2. Reduce the frequency of using hot tools

Using hot tools everyday is a surefire way to damage your hair quickly. If styling your hair with hot tools is part of your ritual, aim to do so at minimum every three days instead.

The key is to take the time to do a thorough job on your styling days and preserve the hairstyle for the rest to make it last. For example, using a silk bonnet at night is a great way to preserve your hair style as it prevents frizz and tangling from the friction of your hair against the pillowcase at night. 

3. Switch to silk 

Using silk accessories such as silk pillowcases, scrunchies, and bonnets are a great solution to protecting the hair from tangles, frizz and breakage. Silk is a natural fiber with a smooth surface ensuring no friction to the hair, unlike regular hair elastics which are notorious for causing breakage. 

4. Use hair oils

Using a hair oil for damaged hair is the perfect way to help heal your hair. Plant-powered hair oils such as the Ultimate Nourishing Leave-In Hair Oil, nourish the strands and adds moisture.

Hair oils are meant to improve the hair's elasticity and strength as the nourishing ingredients penetrate the strands. You can use hair oils as a pre-wash treatment/overnight mask for deeper nourishment, and as a daily finishing treatment to help give your hair extra hydration. 

5. Regular trims

The best way to get rid of the damage is to cut it off in order to have healthy ends. Try to get regular hair trims every 6-8 weeks which will help rid of any apparent split ends and breakage in order to grow longer hair. 

6. Use a Leave-In conditioner

Leave-In conditioners act as a barrier to lock in the moisture that is added from using conditioners. They also aid in detangling the hair, adding strength, and in preventing damage, and breakage.