3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Hair Oil:

Using a hair oil at least once a week as a leave-in hair treatment or styling finisher can do wonders for your hair. Hair oils are the perfect way to promote healthy, shiny, nourished hair; especially ones that are highly concentrated with natural ingredients. 

There are many hair oils for dry hair, as well as hair oils for damaged hair on the market. The Ultimate Nourishing Leave-in Hair Oil includes 23 natural ingredients including castor, jojoba and almond oil that helps to improve your hair’s strength, hydration, and shine with just 2-3 drops at a time. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using a hair oil:

1. The Hair Hero Your Routine Needs:

Applying hair oil at least 1-2 times a week can help to lubricate the hair shaft and prevent breakage. It improves your hair's strength and elasticity, while adding shine and suppleness to the hair. The Ultimate Nourishing Leave-In Hair Oil seals the hair by protecting the ends to keep moisture in, and smooths the cuticle to combat frizz. It also adds hydration and moisture to the hair with just a few drops, it is truly the ultimate hair hero.

2. Hair oils heal damaged hair:

Let’s face it, we all love to use a little heat on our hair for styling. Using heat tools often leads to split ends and hair breakage. Using a hair oil that is formulated with ingredients such as almond, castor, and argan oil can help smooth damaged hair. It can also help tame frizz and flyaways. 

3. Multi-tasking:

The beauty of hair oils is that there are so many ways to use them. You can use it when pre-styling and also post-styling as finishing touch to your look. Add 1-3 full droppers (depending on how much hair you have) to use it as a pre-wash treatment, and you can even add a few drops to your hair mask in the shower for extra nourishment. There's so much magic that can happen with just a few drops. The key to seeing results is consistency.