Elixir Naturals was founded by two sisters Tina and Sheila. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada with Iranian genes, it was inevitable that they would inherit some very strong attributes of the typical Persian DNA. Thick, frizzy hair. Tina and Sheila had all sorts of hair issues; dryness, split ends, breakage, and untameable frizz. 

 It wasn’t until Tina entered her late teens when she began to constantly straighten her hair to simplify her haircare routine. After overheating her hair from multiple uses of styling tools, Tina’s hair slowly became dry, dull, and her ends split. Tina and Sheila’s mom found a solution to their hair concerns by creating homemade elixirs using the most effective natural oils for hair to help revive the damage. The results were unparalleled. Tina and Sheila’s hair was more hydrated, silky smooth, and shiny.

 Being the hair junkies that they are, Tina and Sheila tested out countless store-bought varieties and realized that natural hair care products on the market do not live up to their performance and marketing claims. The two sisters to this day swear by their mother’s homemade recipes for their hair health and wanted to share her coveted beauty recipes with the world.

 Elixir Naturals is a new approach to natural, without compromise. We believe that beauty should be good for you, which is why we work to formulate the cleanest hair products that meet your everyday hair needs. Our products are formulated without silicones, parabens and toxic chemicals, but instead with the cleanest, highest performing, sustainable, and luxurious ingredients. Say goodbye to dry hair, flyaways, and bad hair days, and say hello to lustrous healthy hair, naturally.