5 Tips For Drying Your Hair

Many of us are not aware of the potential damage that comes with drying our hair. Incorrectly drying your hair can lead to hair breakage, dryness, and frizz. 

Here are 5 ways to minimize damaging effects of drying your hair. 

  • Use microfibre towel
  • Use hair oil
  • Use heat protectant
  • Reduce blow-dry time
  • Finish with hair oil to achieve natural shine

1. Use a microfibre towel

It’s time to ditch the traditional cotton towel as it is too coarse for your hair. The harshness of cotton towels can cause stretching, strain and unnecessary damage to your hair.

Microfibre towels on the other hand, have a smooth surface to dry your hair with less friction and breakage. They also dry your hair faster than cotton towels, are highly absorbent, and reduce frizz. 

2. Oil your hair

While your hair is damp, it is best to use a hair oil as a pre-styling treatment. The Ultimate Nourishing Leave-in Hair Oil can be used as a pre-styling treatment while applied to wet or damp hair.

It helps to tame frizz, add moisture and nourishment before adding heat. Using a hair oil for dry hair before heat styling is a great way to prevent your hair from looking dull and dry after styling. 

3. Use a heat protectant

Applying a heat protectant while hair is wet is ideal for helping your hair handle high temperatures when you apply heat styling tools to prevent damage. 

4. Reduce your blow-dry time

To minimize or prevent heat damage, it is best to ensure your hair is 70-80% dry before using a blow dryer. Let your hair do the majority of its drying in a microfibre towel, then blow dry until completely dry. This method will keep your hair looking sleek and will be much healthier in the long run.

5. Use a finishing hair oil for shine

Hair oils for dry, frizzy hair are best to add to your final step as it adds moisture, shine, hydration, and helps to keep your locks strong. Using a leave-in hair oil like our Ultimate Nourishing Leave-In Hair Oil, does all of the above and will be your go-to product, post-styling.

Hopefully these tips will help you achieve your hair goals. Your best hair days await you!